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ActiveCare 9kg Heat Pump

$ 1,614.00

  • Anti-Allergy Cycle
  • ActiveCare Technology
  • WoolMark Blue Certification
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Dryer Machine For Singapore Households

A dryer is a useful machine to speed up daily laundry. While many households in Singapore are used to hanging their laundry to dry under the hot sun or within the home, a dryer is becoming a useful appliance to meet the needs of working families who may not have time to do the laundry and have fresh clothes ready in time to wear. Looking for dryers is becoming an increasingly common activity in Singapore today, and Ariston addresses the laundry needs of such households with its high-performing drying machines.

Read on to learn more about the dryer machine and why it is a useful appliance for homes in Singapore.
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Benefits of dryers

  • With a dryer machine, you can wash and dry clothes at any time of the day, regardless of the weather in Singapore
  • Households can have ease of mind knowing that they have no clothes hung out in the open should the weather turn in for the worse
  • Clothes that are dried in the dryer will require less work under the iron as the drying processes in the machines are designed to prevent or reduce creasing
  • The home looks more organised with less clutter of clothes which used to be hung around to dry
  • Cooking can be done without worrying about clothes hanging in the kitchen and the absorption of smell
  • Dryers can be stacked on top of the washer for easy use of space in the kitchen or laundry room
  • Drums of dryers have a high capacity to carry heavier loads of clothes so you can now dry bulky items like duvet at your convenience

For more information on the dryers available in Singapore, please drop us a call or message! Browse Ariston’s dryers here.

With our Ariston dryer, there is no fear of drying your clothes anymore. Thanks to the innovative ActivCare technology, our dryer adapts to perfect temperature and tailors the drum motion to minimize the stress on fabric, keeping your garments in good shape. With an anti-allergy cycle, our dryer is able to remove up to 99.9% of allergens and dust mites, protecting your family from allergies and improving your quality of life.