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Kitchen Hood

A kitchen hood is an essential appliance every household should invest in. It is meant to remove greasy fumes, odours, heat and steam generated when you cook. When not removed, the particles get stuck onto cabinets and other furniture in the kitchen, making them mouldy and hard to clean.

The kitchen hood, also called the cooking or cooker hood, or kitchen exhaust hood, is common in Singapore and especially recommended for families living in apartments. We at Ariston understand the needs of families and explore cooking patterns to develop hoods that are able to address them effectively. From the compact cooker hood to the free standing hood, you can find a suitable one for your kitchen in Singapore from our line of products. Ariston provides cooker hood and hob solutions for kitchens of all sizes. You may read more about our hobs as well!
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90cm Telescopic Hood

$ 504.00
$ 199.00

  • Top Class Extraction Rate
  • Convertible Operation
  • Mechanical Button Control
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90cm Chimney Hood

$ 806.00

  • Silence Control
  • Booster
  • Filter Saturation Indicator
Out of Stock
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60cm Compact Hood

$ 312.00

  • Top Class Extraction Rate
  • Recirculation Operation
  • Mechanical Button Control
Out of Stock
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90cm Compact Hood

$ 499.00

  • Top Class Extraction Rate
  • LED Sensor Touch Control
  • Recirculation Operation
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Common types of cooking hoods

Some of the common types of cooking hoods you can find in Singapore which Ariston provides include:

  • Island cooker hood: Also known as the free standing hood, the island cooker hood adds a striking centrepiece to the kitchen. As the name suggests, the cooking hood is positioned above the island in your kitchen, where you can fix your oven and hob. This type of kitchen hood is ideal for large open-concept kitchens.
  • Chimney hood: A traditional type of kitchen exhaust hood in Singapore, the chimney hood can be found attached to the wall. Cooking smoke is sucked by a suction fan in the hood through filters and it is blown up to an exhaust pipe that blows the smoke out of the kitchen.
  • T-Box hood: Another type of wall mounted chimney hood, the T-Box comes with a slimmer hood as compared to the canopy-style in the chimney versions.
  • Slim cooker hood: The slim cooking hood can be inbuilt within cabinets, and provides both ducting and recirculating options. A type of slim hood you can find in Singapore is the telescopic hood, which fits seamlessly into the cabinet design. The compact hood is also another common and an easy-to-install option. The built in hood is more common in Singapore as it can fit into any type of cabinet design without having to rework the kitchen.

The kitchen exhaust hood is beneficial for families in Singapore who cook often, especially those dishes that emit a lot of steam, smoke and smells. Whether you choose a free standing cooker hood or the easy built in hood, rest assured Ariston will cater to all your cooking needs efficiently – browse the available hoods in Singapore here. For more information on our cooking hood, please contact us. Rest assured, you can trust Ariston for all hood and hob solutions in Singapore!