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Active Dual Fresh Side-by-side Refrigerator

$ 2,399.00

  • Active Dual Fresh
  • Advanced Performance
  • Storage Flexibility
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Side By Side Fridge

The new Active Dual Fresh refrigerator is inspired to provide you dual technology to prolong food freshness and retains its maximum nutrients in the most natural way. Vegetables grow and thrive under the sun, our technology LED Photosynthesis mimics the natural sunlight to keep them ‘alive’ in the fridge. Paired with the Active Cloudfresh, which eliminates odours and bacteria in the fridge, the Active Dual Fresh gives you the most hygienic environment for the storage of food.

Read on to learn more about the side by side fridge and its benefits.

What is a side by side fridge?

The side by side fridge is characterised by the adjacent placement of the refrigerator and freezer units, each covering the height of the fridge. The fridge compartment typically occupies more space, so the fridge door tends to be larger than that of the freezer.


Benefits of a side by side fridge

  • Food items in both the fridge and freezer are easily accessible when placed on mid-level shelves
  • Items that must be kept out of reach from, for example, children can be placed on higher shelves
  • Vertical shelves in freezer offer better organisation of frozen food items than in traditional top-mount freezers
  • Doors require lesser room to swing open, allowing efficient use of kitchen space of all sizes

An extension of side by side fridge in the market is the French door refrigerator. In this model, the freezer is shifted to the bottom of the unit, allowing more space for the fridge and eye-level access to commonly used items. The freezers are also fit with drawers for better organisation. The French door refrigerator comes in different forms: a side by side fridge compartment with a single-door freezer at the bottom, and a 4-door fridge and freezer unit. Aside from the Active Dual Fresh side by side refrigerator, you can learn more about the 4-door Ariston Infinity Max here.

Contact us if you need more information on the Active Dual Fresh side by side fridge!