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Universal Stacking Kit Fits any appliances depth 45cm - 60cm

$ 109.00

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ActiveCare RNF8021HK

$ 817.00

  • ActiveCare technology
  • Steam Hygiene Option
  • Steam Refresh Cycle
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ActiveCare RNF9041SG

$ 1,109.00

  • ActiveCare technology
  • Steam Hygiene Option
  • Steam Refresh Cycle
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Stacking kit with drawer Fits 60cm x 60cm appliances

$ 139.00

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Washing Machines

Ariston Washing machines feature smart technologies in order to tackle even the toughest marks and stains on clothing. Our washing machines use extremely delicate action to wash woollen garments, ensuring a perfect clean without making your clothes loose their original softness. This cycle has been approved by the Woolmark Company as a valid wash to use on woollen garments with the “Hand wash” label.

Front Load Washing Machines

As from today, you can wear your favourite clothes without worrying about ruining them with stains.
The new Ariston Natis washing machine with Digital Motion technology eliminates over 100 types of stains, even the most difficult, while respecting fabrics. Among the best washing machines you can find in Singapore, Ariston’s range is one of a kind, a brand you can trust.
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Benefits of front load washers

    • As they use only one-third of the amount of water and electricity compared to top load ones, the front load washing machines are far more water and energy efficient, making it a superb choice for households in Singapore
    • The use of gravity instead of a central agitator to spin the clothes makes the front load washer more reliable and requires fewer repairs
    • Less noise is generated when using the front load washer as compared to top load washing machines
    • Additional washer features such as self-cleaning cycles and steam settings allow for customised washing – some washers are also fit with drying functions, making it suitable for laundry during rainy seasons in Singapore
    • dryer can be stacked on the washer to make efficient use of space, an important advantage for HDB dwellers in Singapore who may have limited space in the kitchen
    • Flat top surface provides additional shelving options for kitchen essentials such as towels, detergents and other items you need on a daily basis

On top of the aforementioned advantages of front load washers, the Ariston Active Care range offers added benefits with its high-tech features, which also include the steam hygiene function that removes up to 99.9% bacteria where steam is injected at the end of washing to perfectly sterilize your laundry.

The steam refresh cycle is designed for your convenience, when you need to quickly refresh your garments without washing them. This function helps your clothes emerge fresh-smelling, soft and smooth whilst saving energy and water.

Likewise, the stop & add function allows you to add clothes after your cycle has started in the event you missed out any laundry. Ariston provides one of the best washing machines you can find in Singapore, made with the finest Italian designs.

Reach out for more information of our washer range available in Singapore, or for other queries related to our appliances.