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Fresh Thinking for Forgotten Food

Fresh Thinking for Forgotten Food

Fresh Thinking for Forgotten Food

Keeping Food Fresh for Longer

Storing food in the correct place in your fridge means your food is chilled at the optimum temperatures so it stays fresh for longer.

Batch Cooking

A super easy way to save wasting food is batch cooking! By portioning your food up into numerous meals and preserving them in your Ariston freezer, you will save time, money and most importantly reduce your food waste.

Getting More Out of Your Freezer

Your freezer can really help you reduce your food waste. From freezing leftover chillies and grating them into delicious salads, to freezing leftover herbs and curry pastes, making it super easy to whip up a quick sauce or curry.

Rebooting Leftovers

Meat is the third top wasted food, and of that the most wasted is Chicken. There's so many amazing things you can do with leftover chicken including delicous noodles, pies and salads. Hop on over to our recipe page for some inspirations. Baking this in an Ariston oven using mutiflow technology will guarantee perfectly even cooking results.

Embracing Broccoli Stalks

You can make the most amazing slaw using your leftover broccoli and cauliflower stalks. More often than not they're destined for the bin, but they're in fact super versatile and tasty. Simply grate them up with some crunchy veg and you've got a tasty homemade slaw.

Crispy Vegetable Skins

Stop throwing your root vegetable peel in the bin and make some healthy crisps. The skins on root vegetables are often the most nutritional part, and we often waste them. Next time you're prepping your veg, keep them aside and cook up some delightful veg crisps.