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78cm 2-Burners Gas Hob (Town Gas)

*installation cost excluded

$ 579.00
$ 299.00

The 2 wok burners provide optimal heat retention and distributes more evenly to ensure superior cooking results.
The flame failure safety device shuts off gas supply after the flame has been cut off, preventing gas leakage such as the flame extinguishes or when the burner has not been properly turned off.
To facilitate various styles of cooking and flexibility to accommodate a wider range of cooking utensils.

Model Price (RM)

$ 579.00
$ 299.00


High Power Burner

Cook your favourite Asian dishes swiftly using the hob's wok burner, which facilitates the easier creation of stir-fried meals and dishes that require high-powered heating.

Flame Failure Safety Device

Experience cooking with safety. The hob provides for a safer cooking experience by automatically shutting off the gas supply if the burner is incorrectly turned off or when the flame is accidentally exinguished.

Tempered Glass Surface

The tempered glass surface panel is high heat resistant and can be cleaned with minimal effort, saving you time on hob maintenance.

Cast-Iron Pan Support

The hob offers greater cooking versatility by providing support for a wide range of different cooking utensils, allowing for superior flexibility and more options in the way you cook.

Rotary Knob

Worry less about burning your meals with the help of the rotary knob. Control your gas hob's heat with a seamless twist as you adjust to a favourable heat level.


Ariston Gas Hobs offer you superior safety compliance & assurance.

  1. 100% ignition rate ensures that flames will always come on once burner is ignited, preventing gas leak and potential fire or explosion risk.
  2. High quality Flame Failure Device (FFD) which guarantees extensive usage of more than 10,000 times and safeguards against gas leak.
  3. Thickened stainless steel material to prevent liquid leakage into hob which helps prolong lifespan and durability of hob for longer usage and minimized replacement.
  4. Durable valve that is able to withstand wide range of temperature, with guaranteed usage of more than 20,000 times, meaning reduced needs for maintenance.
  5. Our proprietary test ensures hob components are non combustible even in the event of a fire, preventing fire from spreading out thus enhancing user safety and protection.


Black Glass


Cast Iron

2 Front Knobs

Town Gas




(W) 780mm x (H) 155mm x (D) 450mm

(W) 650-700mm x (H) 120mm x (D) 350-400mm


Flame Failure Safety Device

Left Burner: 4.3kW
Right Burner: 4.3kW

Specs Sheet


User Manual


Product Dimensions


Burner Cap Installation Guide