NIV 320B

30cm 2 Zone Induction Hob

*installation cost excluded

$ 1,099.00

Cook your meals with ease and faster with a combined 3.6kW power from the 2 separate cooking zones.
Speed up your cooking by up to 50% as you boost the hob up to 2.5kW.
Have the flexibility to pause and resume your cooking. Power will be resumed to original cooking level for your convenience.

Model Price (RM)

$ 1,099.00

Energy & Time Saving

Induction technology generates heat directly to the pan, and loses minimal energy to the surroundings. Water boils up to 50% faster than a traditional hob, saving time and conserves as much as 40% of energy.

Pan Detection

The induction plate is only activated upon contact with induction friendly pots providing more safety.

Safe to Touch

With Induction cooking, heat is conducted directly to the pan while the cooktop has minimal residual heat. Areas beyond the activated cooking zone remains cool throughout cooking process which minimizes users from scalding themselves.

Safety Switch Off

The hob switches off automatically if its settings is not modified after prolonged time.

Child Lock

All Ariston hobs are equipped with a safety lock to prevent settings from being modified or activated during cooking.

Precise cooking

With 9 levels of power setting, one can have better and precise control of their cooking temperatures with the easily adjustable touch control to deliver an optimum cooking result. Have no concern whether it is melting butter and chocolates or cooking meat.

Residual Heat Indicator

Know when it is safe to touch or clean your hob surface as the indicator stays lit even after the hob has been switched off until the surface cools down to a touch-safe temperature.

Easy Maintenance

With a flushed surface, clean your hob easily with no hassle.

Power Management

The hob automatically adjusts power distribution across both cooking zones to ensure its limit is never exceeded to avoid overloading.

Smart Pause

Pause your cooking for a short interval if needed, and the hob will reduce its power level to the minimum to avoid overcooking. Resume your cooking by simply deactivating as the power automatically reverts to the previous setting.


Activate the booster function to 2.5kW to speed up cooking by up to 50%. The integrated power management ensures no overloading occurs.


The timer can be used to set desired cooking time for each zone, from 1 to 99 minutes. The cooking zone will be switched off automatically after timer countdown completes.

Why Induction?

Rather than using heating elements under the glass to heat the pan, induction actually heats the base of the pan. The copper coil underneath the vitroceramic surface creates an electromagnetic field which is captured by the steel base pot and heats the pot bottom directly, thus cooking the food placed inside it in a very effective way.

Induction hobs require ferromagnetic pans, in steel, multi-layers or cast iron. Pots and pans suitable for induction cooking can be identified either by their labels or by the fact that a magnet placed on a pan’s base stays in place; then your pot is magnetic, and thus will work with an induction hob.

Do you know?

Why Induction?


Built In 2 Zone Domino Induction Hob

Sensor Touch Control
Timer up to 99 minutes
Smart Pause
9 Power Settings
Power Management
Residual Heat Indicator
Child Lock



200mm / 2100W to 2500W (with booster)

160mm / 1400W - 1800W (with booster)

Schott Ceran Glass

53 x 290 x 520

270 x 490


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