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MP 796 IX A (EX)

40L Combi Microwave Oven

*installation cost excluded

$ 1,977.00

The microwaves are emitted into the space from two entry points and distributed in every direction, ensuring microwaves reach every part of the food for more uniform results.
Optimal microwave distribution creating a 3 dimensional heating depth to cook food evenly.
Versatile, multi function combination microwave oven to cater to various cooking needs for the utmost convenience.

Model Price (RM)

$ 1,977.00

Multiwaves Technology

The microwaves are emitted into the space from two entry points and distributed in every direction, ensuring microwaves reach every part of the food for more uniform results.

Dynamic Crisp

A function that combines Multiwaves technology, grill, crisp plate and rotating turntable to quickly cook the food, giving a nice browning effect, and making the food crispy even on the underside. The grill is three times faster than a traditional grill and uses less energy.

Dynamic Steam

When the water begins to boil, a sensor constantly measures the degree of humidity in the food to create a delicate steaming process. Thanks to the steamer, the food loses nothing in consistency and is always cooked to perfection.

Dual Microwave Emission

An optimal wave distribution with three dimensional heating, resulting in even cooking and heating results.

Dynamic Defrost

This is the ideal system for defrosting food in an instant, almost immediately, thus preserving all the nutrients and preventing microbiological alterations. Just indicate the type of food and its weight: the oven will automatically calculate the time needed. The exclusive Multiwaves system guarantees uniform defrosting.

Forced Air

Thanks to the strong fan located in the rear of the microwave, heat is distributed evenly. This delivers the same cooking results as a traditional oven, consuming less time and energy.

Combination Cooking

Combines microwave and grill to not only cook food in a shorter period of time, but retains crispiness externally and juiciness internally.

Touch Control

To dialogue and interact with the oven is simple: just touch the few but beautifully clear icons and follow an intuitive sequence to obtain perfect and effortless cooking of any recipe. Avant-garde technology at the service of simplicity.

Crisp Plate

The Crisp plate heats up to 210°C in 2 minutes, combining both microwaves and grilling. Ideal for cooking roasts, pizzas and ensures even browning and crispy results.

No Pre Heating

Save time on waiting as you can immediately insert your food into the oven once you turn it on. What more, less energy is consumed too.

Auto Recipes

Choose from a range of automatic recipes for an effortless cooking with optimal results. For best results, follow the instructions provided on the display.




Dynamic Crisp
Grill + Microwave
Turbo Grill
Turbo Grill + Microwave
Forced Air
Forced Air + Microwave
Quick Heat
Dynamic Reheat
Dynamic Crisp
Dynamic Steam
Keep Warm
Dynamic Defrost
Crispy Bread Defrost
Auto Recipes

Electronic Touch Control
Multiwaves Technology
Dual Microwave Emission
Stainless Steel Cavity
360mm Turntable
Drop Down Door Opening
Microwave Maximum Power: 900W
Grill Maximum Power: 1600W

1 x Grill Grid
1 x Baking Tray

455 x 595 x 555

450 x 560 x 550


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