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73L Multi Function Pyrolytic Oven

*installation cost excluded

$ 1,999.00

Uniform circulation of heat flow in all directions and even heat distribution within oven cavity, ensuring consistent cooking results every time.
Minimal fluctuation in temperature during the cooking process, ensuring constant heat and a repeatable result every time.
Measures temperature reach at center of roasting piece for users to check cooking process and have better control of cooking results.

Model Price (RM)

$ 1,999.00

Multiflow Heat Technology

A new style of convection system that creates an all-enveloping heat flow which drives heat into every inch of the oven cavity for consistently even, delicious dishes every time - whichever shelf you're using. Ideal for ensuring perfectly risen cakes and breads, as well as uniform cooking of your favourite dishes.

Touch Control

To dialogue and interact with the oven is simple: just touch the few but beautifully clear icons and follow an intuitive sequence to obtain perfect and effortless cooking of any recipe. Avant-garde technology at the service of simplicity.

Electronic Temperature Control

Minimal swings in temperature during the cooking process, ensuring constant heat and a repeatable result every time. This makes the Ariston oven easy to use and more dependable.

Meat Probe

The connected probe measures the core temperature of the roasting piece. Cooking ends automatically once target temperature inside the food reaches preset temperature.

Pyrolytic Cleaning

A self cleaning feature that brings the oven up to very high temperature (approximately 470°C) at which all the food residues are turned into ashes which can then be easily wiped away with only a damp sponge, and helps you keep your oven spick and span.

Recipes Expert

Ariston oven lets you change the pre-set temperature from 30°C to 250°C according to your own preferences and cooking experience. You can master slow cooking to create tasty dishes in the convection oven.

28 Auto Recipes

28 fully automatic preset recipes within the oven that automatically sets the optimum cooking temperature, function and time for an effortless and convenient cooking.

No Pre Heating

Save time on waiting as you can immediately insert your food into the oven once you turn it on. What more, less energy is consumed too.


The turning action ensures large meat or poultry roasts are cooked right through and helps retain its natural juices and flavour, while also ensuring even cooking results.

Telescopic Guides

The telescopic guides are designed to facilitate insertion and removal of accessories. The rails are easy to remove and they allow drip trays and wire shelves to be repositioned or moved effortlessly.

Soft Closing

Thanks to the soft-closing system, just a slight pressure on the door and the oven door will close by itself with a noiseless and smooth movement.





Fast Preheating
Turbo Grill
Forced Air
Convection Bake
Keep Warm
Maxi Cooking
Frozen Food
Slow Cooking
Eco Forced Air
Fully Automatic Recipes
Meat Probe Recipes
Automatic Cleaning

Electronic Touch Control
Multiflow Technology
Electronic Temperature Control
Recipes Expert
Multi Recipes
Soft Closing
4 Layer Glass Door
Selectable 13/16Amp Input

2 x Grids
2 x Trays
1 x Grill Pan Set
1 x Turnspit
1 x Meat Probe

595 x 595 x 569

575 x 560 x 560


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