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MS 798 IX A (EX)

31L Combi Steam Oven

*installation cost excluded

$ 2,472.00
$ 1,709.00

Combines traditional cooking with steam to guarantee crunchiness on the outside and softness on the inside
Constant monitoring of your food’s internal temperature to give best cooking results.
Automatically adjusts all cooking settings or sometimes offers instruction to prepare your dishes in optimal results.

Model Price (RM)

$ 2472.00
$ 1,709.00

Combi Steam

A Single appliance combines traditional conventional oven cooking with steam injected into the cavity through an external steam generator. Perfect results are obtained while nutrients are being preserved, providing the best of both worlds.

Steam Regeneration

The steam injection during the cooking process reheats food without drying out the food or loosing its taste and juiciness.

Pure Steam

An external boiler injects pure steam (at 100°C) directly into the cavity. The steam tray facilitates air circulation to cook the food evenly.

Steam Defrost

Gently and efficiently defrost foodstuff without affecting nutritional properties.

Assisted Mode

This smart function features a menu of preprogrammed recipes displayed at the touch of a button. The steam oven automatically adjusts all cooking settings or sometimes provides instructions on preparing the dish. Expect no less than perfect cooking results everytime.

Food Probe

The probe connected to the steamer ensures that the food core reaches the preset temperature and ends the cooking automatically. This provides a complete and constant cooking control, avoiding under or overcooked dishes.

XXL Water Tank

2L water tank capacity which suffices for 150 minutes of continuous steaming.

Auto Clean

This function softens deposits and food residues, which makes it easier to clean the oven. Once finished, wait for the oven to cool down and then finish cleaning by drying the surfaces with a sponge or cloth.

Special Functions

Hone your culinary skills with the special functions which include proving dough, preserving fruits and vegetables, or yoghurt making. Ignite the master chef in you today!


Maintain the highest level of hygiene and have an ease of mind. Recommended for disinfecting baby bottles or jars.

Touch Control

To dialogue and interact with the steam oven is simple: just touch the few but beautifully clear icons and follow an intuitive sequence to obtain perfect and effortless cooking of any recipe. Avant-garde technology at the service of simplicity.





Forced Air
Forced Air + Steam
Steam Defrost
Steam Cleaning
Auto Assisted Mode

Electronic Touch Control
Sensor Dynamic Intelligence
Interior light
Child Lock
3 Layer Glass Door
Steam Temperature (°C) :40-100
Forced Air Temperature (°C) :40-230

1 x Grid
1 x Drip Pan
1 x streamer Tray
1 x Food Probe
1 x Sponge
1 x Water Tank (Litres) :2

455 x 595 x 555

450 x 560 x 550


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