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Microwave Ovens

Ariston presents an innovative microwave oven, with a wide range of functions and programs to give free rein to your cooking habits and tastes. The perfect choice for rapid, fat-free cooking, that preserves all the nutrients of food. The speed of cooking guarantees lower energy consumption. Every food, from appetizer to dessert, is uniformly cooked all over. The pleasure of crispy, golden and tasty food everytime.



The microwaves are emitted into the space from two entry points, at different preset times, distributed in every direction and bouncing on the walls. The movement means the microwaves reach every part of the food for more uniform cooking, heating and defrosting, reducing times and energy consumption.


The Crisp plate, thanks to Multiwaves technology and the grill, quickly reaches the most suitable temperature for browning and making the food delicious and crispy, even on the bottom. It is ideal for cooking pizzas, omelettes and cakes. The grill, ideal for uniformly browning the top part of the food, is three times faster than a traditional grill and it uses less energy.


Ariston has also thought about people who love to cook healthy, low-calorie food: simply place the food in the steam pot and select the cooking time. When the water begins to boil, a sensor constantly measures the degree of humidity in the food to allow the delicate steaming process. Thanks to the steam pot, the food loses nothing in consistency and is always cooked to perfection.


Thanks to the strong fan located in the rear of the microwave, heat is distributed evenly. This delivers the same cooking results at a traditional oven, in less time and saving energy.


This is the ideal system for defrosting food in an instant, almost immediately, thus preserving all the nutrients and preventing microbiological alterations. Just indicate the type of food and its weight: the oven will automatically calculate the time needed. The exclusive Multiwaves system guarantees uniform defrosting.