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Partnerships X My Friend Can Cook

My Friend Can Cook video series is a collaboration between Ariston and Share Food Singapore and is their first reality cooking show.

Each episode features a guest and their good friend who are challenged to cook a dish in 45 minutes. But it's not that simple! They have to earn their cooking tools and work together to overcome the challenges given to them.

Can their friend cook? Let's find out!

My Friend Can Cook Episode 1: Maxi Lim tries cooking for his Fiancée!

Watch Maxi Lim from Ah Boys to Men prepare Salmon Sushi and Tamago for his fiancée, Liz, on our very first reality cooking show, My Friend Can Cook! But, can he overcome the difficult challenges we gave him while cooking?

Watch HIRZI from Benzi prepare Jackfruit Nasi Lemak with his friend Edoardo! Having never tasted or heard of the dish before, can he do a good job?

My Friend Can Cook Episode 2: Hirzi attempts to cook Jackfruit Nasi Lemak!

My Friend Can Cook Episode 3: Kishan frustrates Indian Celebrity Chef Sarab!

Watch Kishan from WahBanana and celebrity chef Sarab from Cook Love Eat - with Sarab work together to cook Aloo Ghobi and Chapati! Roles are reversed in this episode!

Watch as Umehara Keiji does his best to cook two Korean dishes with friend Carrie! Interestingly, this is their third time meeting each other. How is he going to get good cooking tools during our game segment?

My Friend Can Cook Episode 4: Umehara Keiji versus the Clever Cutter

My Friend Can Cook Episode 5: Haresh flips Prata for the first time!

Watch Haresh and Terence from Ministry Of Funny try to cook Roti Prata and Chicken Curry with some pretty weird tools! And Haresh doesn't even eat Prata!

Mediacorp actor Dennis Zhou may be Gin JX Moh's mentor in the professional entertainment industry but when it comes to cooking, their roles are reversed! How will their Rice Cooker Claypot Rice turn out?

My Friend Can Cook Episode 6: Mentor Dennis Zhou becomes the Disciple

My Friend Can Cook videos were filmed in the Ariston Kitchen Studio and using Ariston appliances.

Follow us on our culinary adventures!

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