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Partnerships X Wendy Han

Ariston is proud to bring to you another collaboration with a passionate homebaker who prides herself on her culinary expertise. Follow our experience with Wendy and watch her whip up amazing dishes with our 6-in-1 Countertop Combi Microwave, and prepare famous local cuisine with a twist such as crispy prata pizza or even healthy foods like toasty granolas.

"An avid foodie who loves to cook and bake as well! Always looking out for good food and cooking up a storm on weekends when I am not working! Started Wen's Delight since 2008 and has been more active on IG - @wensdelight for the past years."

For more recipes, head on over to our recipe page.

Orange Butter Cupcake

“Pretty excited to try some simple recipes with my new Ariston Gourmet Flexi 33L 6-IN-1 Table Top Microwave oven. Here’s a fuss free butter cake recipe that I baked with the Forced Air (Precision Bake) function. Love how these cuppies turn out with a nice golden brown top. Looks as good as it tastes! 😋”

For her first use of our microwave, Wendy has used the microwave to bake some delectable cupcakes. The cupcakes look so tasty & we can't wait to see more of her creations!

“A simple and delicious Thai style chicken wings that my family enjoyed! For a complete meal, I threw in some vegetables to cook together. This is perfect for a fuss free weekday’s dinner.”

This time, Wendy has decided to prepare a thai inspired dish - and just like what this appliance prides itself on - a fuss free & easy meal prep.

Lemongrass Wings with Vegetables

Christmas Fruit Cake

With Christmas round the corner, we are getting right into the festive season with Wendy as she attempts to bake some yummy Christmas cakes! It is delightful to know that our microwave can produce results similar to an oven!

“Made a simple and delicious prata pizza with basil minced pork with my Ariston Gourmet Flexi 6-in-1 Tabletop Combi Microwave Oven. The pizza was cooked till super crisp with the Dual Crisp function!
Ariston’s exclusive Dual Crisp technology combines microwave double emission with Crisp Plate for crispy and tasty food every time. Love it! 😋”

Cooking crispy food without compromising on your health is made possible now . With Gourmet Flexi Microwave, one can easily prepare dishes without deep frying or using too much oil. Wendy has made use this feature and prepared perfectly crispy prata pizza without using any oil and the dish has turned out incredible. Now, wouldn't you want to get your hands on this microwave too?!

Crispy Prata Pizza with Basil Minced Pork

Hamachi Kama

Crispy Bacon Bits

Toasted Granolas

Follow us on our culinary adventures!

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