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Partnerships X Super Farmers

Ariston X Super Farmers

Eating is one of life's greatest pleasures. We believe in eating responsibly and care about what goes into your body.

We have collaborated with Super Farmers to create wholesome, nutritious and fuss-free recipe videos for the busy person. Super Farmers is a wellness company focused on helping individuals eat and live well through food and nutrition, with easily-accessible ingredients. In line with their values of Simplicity and doing everything With Heart, we hope to demonstrate fuss-free ways busy urban warriors can take care of their emotional and physical needs through the joys of cooking nutritious fare.

Similarly, Ariston believes in taking care of what matters to you in your everyday life. Our products are designed to make your life easier when it comes to cooking your favorite recipes for loved ones. We are constantly improving their performance through cutting edge technology, innovative ergonomics and efficient features. Our collection is designed to make a statement in your home, whilst delivering outstanding performance; Allowing you to care for the things that matter most.

So, enjoy every morsel of the recipes brought to you by Ariston x Super Farmers, worry-free.

Cynthea is currently using our Ariston Oven, Induction Hob and Tabletop Microwave.

For more recipes, head on over to our recipe page.

Ariston X Super Farmers: An Introduction

Hob Recipe: Healing Turmeric Ginger Paste

Hob Recipe: Iriko Dashi Noodle Soup

Oven Recipe: Northern Thai Chilli Paste

Oven Recipe: Crispy Edamame

Oven Recipe: Easy Banana Bread

Hob Recipe: Basic Vegetable Broth

Oven Recipes: Crispy Kale Chips

Hob Recipe: Leftover Vegetable Fritters

Hob Recipe: Basic Chicken Stir fry

MWO Recipe: Roasted Tomato Macaroni

MWO Recipe: Miso-Salmon, Broccoli & Rice

MWO Recipe: Mac and Cheese

MWO Recipe: Chicken Rice

MWO Recipe: Claypot Chicken Rice