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Ariston has designed ovens delivering unique performance, which give you free rein to your desire to try things out, letting you express your creativity in the kitchen. With excellent and always repeatable results. Perfect cooking, on the inside and the outside of the food, enhancing flavor and fragrance in every recipe.



A cutting edge convection oven system built in with optimised rear panel for optimal distribution of heat flow inside the oven without recirculation areas. This makes it a popular choice for families in Singapore who cook large quantities of food in ovens and need even flow of heat. The uniform circulation of air in all directions and electronic control guarantees extraordinary cooking of the food all over the oven. Enjoy a worry free multi layer cooking experience with this technology which enables cooking up to 3 dishes at the same time with no mix of flavour.


Electronic control in the convection oven minimises swings in temperature during the cooking process, ensuring constant heat and a repeatable result every time. This makes the Ariston oven easy to use and more dependable.


The semi-automatic cycles inbuilt suggest essential cooking parameters of the oven and guide the user in the choice of best temperature and shelf setting for the food; you can cook a variety of cuisines and get perfect results each time you bake in the comfort of your kitchen in Singapore. The temperatures and cooking times suggested by the ovens can easily be modified as well.


Each Ariston oven lets you change the pre-set temperature from 40 degree Celsius to 250 degree Celsius according to your own preferences and cooking experience. You can master slow cooking to create tasty dishes in the convection oven.


By selecting from the 28 unique pre-set recipes, the Ariston oven automatically adjusts all the cooking settings that make it really easy for you to prepare all types of dishes and achieve excellent results every time.

We build our appliances with advanced technology to acquire the best oven performance for your family in Singapore. For more information on the electric convection oven, please contact us. Browse our range of ovens here.

You can also purchase microwave and steam ovens from Ariston.

Energy Efficient Electric Oven

Ariston has designed the oven to deliver the best cooking performance, which gives you free rein to your desire to try things out, letting you express your creativity in the kitchen. Our ovens promise excellent and always repeatable results - perfect cooking on the inside and outside of the food, enhancing flavour and fragrance in every recipe. You can rely on Ariston to find the best oven in Singapore.

Our ovens are conceptualised to meet modern cooking needs of today. Aside from being energy efficient, the electric oven is fit with a range of advanced technological features to change the way you bake. A leading convection oven powered by electricity, each Ariston oven promises superb and reliable performance, leaving you with nothing but deliciously cooked food for you and your family.

All our ovens come with an integrated cleaning system which means that you can cook and clean up much faster.

Pyrolytic Cleaning: Heats up to a high temperature of 470 degree Celsius to decimate stains and dirt to ash which is easily removed with a damp cloth. The oven door remains cool, not exceeding 60 degree Celsius during the cycle. The oven door cannot be opened while pyrolytic cleaning is in progress. It will remain locked until the temperature has returned to an acceptable level.

Catalytic Cleaning: The catalytic panels on the oven walls will capture the fats and grease during this oxidation cleaning process where the oven is heated to 200 degree Celsius. Use a damp sponge to remove food residues on the panels after the oven has cooled down.

Diamond Clean: An exclusive technology that uses steam to soften the dirt and allows cleaning of the oven without requiring detergents. At the end of the cycle, stains are softened and can be removed easily with a damp cloth.

You can find the ideal built in oven in Singapore when you choose Ariston. Coupled with these smart cleaning systems, Ariston ovens are also energy-efficient.

Read on to learn about how we provide the best oven performance and why these ovens are ideal for your kitchens in Singapore.